FM receivers with headsets and earbuds are available for those wanting enhanced audio.

Wondering what to expect on your first visit?

Each of our worship services offers music and a message. The elements of the services include congregational singing, taking an offering and prayer. We are glad for our ministry in music, with piano and a choir during the service. We offer communion on the first Sunday of the month. The message is usually delivered by Pastor Ronald E. Morrell, Sr. and is motivating to help us reach our potential in Christ. If you have children, we invite them to participate in the Children's Program while you attend worship. The service lasts for an hour. Please stay for a few minutes after the service for refreshments and fellowship in the vestry. It is a good time to say hello to a friend, or make a new one. 


Accepting the Bible as the inspired word of God and declaring it's adherence to the teachings of Christ, China Baptist Church  pledges:  (A) To win people to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. (B) To train them in Christian living and the development of Christian character. (C) To help extend the Gospel of Christ throughout the world.

Times of Sunday service are seasonal.

Currently 9:30 AM. On Sunday September 8th, 2019 we go to our fall/winter/spring schedule service at 10:30 AM. We hope to see you here with us. 

In stormy weather, especially during the winter months we want everyone to make a decision  based on their personal safety. We will open the church and adjust the service to whoever is able to come.